Annual Report

 Annual report 2017

A very warm good morning to one and all present here.

On this august occasion, it is a matter of great honour to convey our heartfelt welcome to our Chief  Guest Brig. Tarundeep Kumar, Deputy GOC 5,Mtn. Div. and the Chairman of the Vidyalaya Management Committee. It is my proud privilege to convey a warm welcome to  Nominee Chairman, Maj. Ratish Ramesh. A warm welcome is also extended to the galaxy of distinguished guests, worthy members of PTA, alumni association  and Vidyalaya Management Committee, Principals of the neighboring schools, family members of staff, dear parents and the beloved students.

                Annual day is a much awaited event of the year not only for the faculty of the Vidyalaya but for the students as well. It filled me with great pride when I witnessed the students as well as the teachers preparing enthusiastically for this grand day. I could feel the zeal within them to showcase all their hidden talent and potent energy. The bliss of the Vidyalaya has been doubled by the way you graced the occasion with your benign presence.

It is well known that no Vidyalaya excels in vacuum, but success story of any institution depends on collective efforts of all the stake holders. As all  the stake holders of the Vidyalaya are present today, I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know about the curricular  and co-curricular activities of the Vidyalaya  in 2016-17 and put forward the vision for the future through this report  .   

Kendriya Vidyalaya Tenga Valley since its  inception in 1973, has been striving incessantly in its march to achieve excellence. Vidyalaya’s prestigious past has exemplified that it is well set on its sojourn to ‘तत्त्वं पूषन अपावृणु’ i.e. realization of the ultimate truth so that we are not mislead by the false material temptations. We in KV  firmly believe that the persistent efforts of the students and teachers together will certainly make the golden era of Takshshila and Nalanda return once again.

                In Its endeavor to cater to the academic needs of the students, Vidyalaya was very busy in the last session. Let me start with the addition of infrastructural development. 13 new computers,  one duplex printer were purchased. As 30 unserviceable computers  have been auctioned, the Vidyalaya has proposed to more computers to decrease the student computer ratio.   White-board and green boards were purchased and fitted in the class rooms. Two sets of inverters were purchased installed in the administrative block and computer lab to cater to academic need of students and staff.  10 Interactive boards, multimedia projectors  were installed in secondary and higher secondary classes,  Computer labs, Physics lab to facilitate e-learning. The physics lab, Bio-lab, Chemistry-Lab have been modernized with the gadgets sent by the KVS(HQ).  A separate computer lab, specially meant for the primary students has also been set up with all the required facilities. The Vidyalaya has also developed a resource room in the Primary section, which can be used as Smart Class.

                 For the repair and maintenance of the staff quarters an amount Rs. 2 lakh was sanctioned and was fully utilized for the repair work like plumbing, electrification, masonry and carpentry in the staff qtrs. In order to enhance the ambience and create better teaching learning environment the primary and the upper- primary wing of the school were white-washed and distempered. The boundary wall was also repaired and colored.

                There were two panel inspections last year. In both the inspections it was observed that the Vidyalaya is running properly and smoothly and the inspecting panels applauded the staff for their efforts in serving the people and performing their best for the betterment of the students. They acknowledged that despite lack experienced teachers, the Vidyalaya is no way lagging behind the Vidyalayas in the country.

The Vidyalaya has successfully conducted the online Admission for the first time. The Vidyalaya’s  enrolment on 31st March 2017 was 718. Total 156 students were admitted to the Vidyalaya in the two rounds of admissions. 

I am very happy to announce that the Vidyalaya has collected fee only through UBI’s Online portal in the last academic session. Teachers were trained at regional as well as Vidyalaya level for entering students’ Data and verifying it for every quarter. The Vidyalaya has installed  POS machine in the campus for fee collection. The parents were told about the online fee submission during various PTM’s. It is a matter of joy as well as pride that the Vidyalaya promoted ‘Cashless transaction’ and became a partner in promoting the ‘Digital India’. I thank all the parents for co-operating the Vidyalaya despite poor network connectivity.

In order to bring about professional development and enabling teachers to use innovative methods of teaching, KVS organizes various trainings, workshops, and in-service courses every year. 3 PGTs and 7 TGT’s  attended in-service training organized in various KV’s and ZIET’s. Two  teachers were trained to be Basic Scout Master and  Advance Scout Master. KVS has also introduced Back to Basics project for ensuring quality learning in primary and upper primary level.  Teachers have been given training on  ‘Back to Basics’ in the vidyalaya level and Regional level where monitoring aspect of teaching is given more importance. Similarly training on soft skill by Arty Brigade of 5 Mtn. Div.  meeting of five  IPoS  Probationers with students and speech of SM awardee Army officer were organized to motivate students to civil services and to   inculcate patriotic and leadership value among the students.   

I would also like to inform you that in order to bring about an overall development of the personalities and inculcate leadership skills, CCA competition like  Debate, Declamation, Poem Recitation, Calligraphic writing, Group Dance, Drawing and Painting, Poster Making, Best from Waste etc. were organized as per routine calendar activities. The house which performed the best will be facilitated  today.

In order to inculcate the patriotic fervor and making students awakened citizens of the world many special days were celebrated and observed in the Vidyalaya like the teacher’s day, Sadbhavna Divas, World Aids awareness day, Day against Drug Abuse, Thinking Day  Vigilance Week, Vidyalaya Swachchhta fortnight, Hindi Pakhwada, Sanskrit Week and Van-Mahaotsav, Communal Harmony Week etc.  in the course of the last academic session.

The Vidyalaya also runs an NAEP unit, for which various guest lecturers and experts are invited to cater to the curiosity of the growing adolescents, and to make them cope well with their changing emotions and manage them well in a very constructive way. We have a trained Master trainer as well as a nodal teacher, who plan the monthly activities according to the requirement of the students of various classes.

                Total 52 Cadets are registered in the NCC unit of the Vidyalaya. 8 Cadets attended the annual training programme. 6 Cadets of the Vidyalaya achieved ‘B’ level Certificate. The team of all 8 cadets got 2nd prize in tent fixing. 3 cadets got 1st prize in poster making and 2 cadets got 2nd prize in the quiz competition. In Scouting and Guiding Movement 8 Scouts and 8 Guides qualified in the Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp. 4 Scouts have also achieved Rajya Pursakar.10 students participated in the Education Camp at Eagle Nest. The students of Vidyalaya Got a 2nd prize in the General Knowledge Competition organized by an NGO named ‘Garung Thuck’ in  Zigaon.

The School has the facilities to train the students for various games and sports like Football, Basket- ball, Kho-Kho etc. The Vidyalaya Kho-Kho team (girls) secured 2rd position in the regional level and 3 girls  participated in the KVS National Games and Sports Meet . The Vidyalaya under-19 football Boys team was the 1st prize winner at the cluster level.  9 Students were selected for the Regional team of Football for boys.

 The Vidyalaya has won 2nd prize as the Swachh Vidyalaya and 3rd prize as Harit Vidyalaya among the 45 Vidyalayas of the Guwahati Region for the session 2016-17. The Vidyalaya was facilitated by the DC, KVS, RO(Ghy) in a function in KV CRPF, Amerigog on 7th April 2017. Its credit goes to  sincere effort of  our students, teachers  conservancy staff, co-operation of the district forest department and guidance of Vidyalaya management committee.

Lastly It makes me feel immense pleasure to announce that the result of both the board classes is still awaited and we do hope get not only 100% result but a nationwide recognition as well by repeating the glorious history carved by  Master Pratyush, who was the National Topper of the CBSE in Humanities stream in 2013.

                We do acknowledge our gratitude towards our management for making our representations reach up to the highest levels in the KVS and the problem of acute shortage of experienced and regular teachers was solved with the transfer of 13 teachers to the Vidyalaya. It could have been possible only because of the sincere and incessant efforts of the Management Committee and specially Brig. Tarundeep Kumar. With the assistance and cooperation of the Management Committee I do promise you sir that the Vidyalaya will surely keep on striving for excellence in all the fields.

Lastly I convey my sincere thanks to everyone present here for being such patient listeners. I hope that you will enjoy the colorful afternoon that we have put for you. Once again good afternoon and have a nice time.

                                JAI HIND